The Link Up: Emily’s Magical Salad Chopping Tool, Caitlin’s Vacuum Show & Tell, And A Plea For Paris Vintage Shopping Recs

Happy Sunday everyone. For EHD this was an exciting week between Emily’s mudroom reveal (see above but also go read the post if you missed it), Em’s new pool install (and the drama that unfolded – see her Instastories or you can wait for the blog post), and lastly some fun developments on the MOTO (Makeover Takeover) front. However, we likely don’t need to tell you that it has been yet another devasting week in the United States. It continues to be heartbreaking that guns and the lack of common sense laws seem to have a higher value than actual human lives. One of our favorites, Gabrielle Blair (aka DesignMom), has yet again made some very important points on this issue. Whether your gut is to agree or disagree before reading maybe just take a moment and have a look. We can’t get numb.

This week’s home tour is a stunning apartment in Mexico City (as if we needed yet another reason to love that magical place). It’s funny because when you see the space you don’t immediately clock that its architecture is really contemporary because of how it is decorated. The soothing colors, the amazing vintage from the owner’s travels, tons of different textures, and of course the magic of limewash paint. Our favorite detail might be the limewash accent walls under the stairway. It’s a perfect example of when an accent wall makes sense (because there’s an architectural reason:)) Go check out Natalie Stoclet’s home on Clever.

From Emily: The salad tool that makes my salad taste like a $16 salad from a professional salad store. I know it’s soup season but hear me out: I was making a salad over the holidays for all the adults and my BIL was like, “Oh you should get what I have – the metal bowl and salad cutter thing that chops and mixes everything perfectly”.  He sent me the link, I ordered it, and have since used it every lunch, joyfully, as if I’m behind the counter at one of those fancy salad places. It mixes and chops everything small enough that you get all the ingredients in the same bite – CRUCIAL to pure salad enjoyment. With a few whips of the wrist, your salad goes from awkward and clumsy to gourmet. No one, I mean NO ONE wants to eat a whole broccoli floret in a salad (Brian and I differ on this so technically Brian does) but once finely chopped and mixed in you can put more veggies in a way that tastes just so good.

From Mallory: I want this book and I want it badddd — Colin King is an insanely talented stylist (you’ve probably seen his work before if you don’t already know who he is). Every time I see a photo that makes my jaw drop I look at the crediting and the tag is @colinking. If you’re interested like I am, you can pre-order the book here!

From Ryann: I think all pet owners can agree that having pets can come with certain…odors. To that end, I like to use this deodorizing spray after I bathe my pup to help him smell fresh and clean longer. It has a subtle kiwi scent and the baking soda really helps keep his coat nice and clean.

From Caitlin: As promised in my earlier post this week – a before & after shots from vacuuming with my new Dyson V15 after two weeks of cat fur and laundry lint buildup (I wanted you to be able to see the difference, too!). GUYS. This thing is extraordinary! It weighs 6 pounds, it’s easy to maneuver, and it pulls up SO MUCH GUNK – my former corded vacuum literally cannot compare. It took less than two minutes to take this rug from “yikes” to “freshly unrolled,” which is a literal dream come true – after 10 years of opting for tan rugs (in the hopes of concealing my cat’s fur), it’s SO EXCITING to find a tool that can keep my bold, rich, jewel-toned pieces looking like new. It makes me excited to source some more saturated floor coverings for the rest of my apartment:) The laser tools are incredible, too. (It shoots out a green light that highlights dirt and dust that’s invisible to your naked eye!). It’s a splurge, but it’s a blast to use, and IT ROCKS. So effective. I wish I could buy one for all of you!!!

From Jess: Y’all the “Les and Jess Take Paris” trip is officially booked!! I’ll be there at the end of February so it’s going to be cold. Because bodies can never stay constant (side eye) I needed some new pants and got these cuties from Abercrombie. My faint attempt at looking like a cool (but unstated) Parisian…ha.

Also From Jess: Speaking of Paris, pretty please give me all of your Paris vintage home store/flea market recs! We’re willing to travel a little outside of the city if necessary:) I promise to make a reallllly good blog post out of it!


Lulu and Georgia is having their annual rug sale and is giving 20% off with code RUGS20 (even rugs that are on sale!)

Alright, that’s it for today. Enjoy the rest of your day, hug your loved ones, and stay diligent. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Emily Henderson and ARCIFORM | Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: Farmhouse Mudroom Reveal

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