We All Needed Lightweight, Comfy Summer Pants And Found 10 That We Love

Usually around this time of year, I am anxiously searching for THE denim shorts that will change the course of my life. For whatever reason, shorts shopping feels like a competitive sport where I get to lose hundreds of dollars and end up disappointed. But not this year. This year, I am embracing–nay CHAMPIONING–summer pants. Here’s my pitch: as long as they are breathable and lightweight, they are just as comfortable as shorts, there are more styles to play around with, and they transition from day to night effortlessly. As an added bonus, pants offer more coverage and can protect from outdoor elements (bugs, UV rays, wandering eyes, etc etc). So while I am not throwing out all my dresses and shorts this summer, I am excited to rock pants unapologetically, like a 19th-century woman wearing them for the first time. Are you with me?? If so, here are some great picks that we want to add to cart and a few that we already have and love:

Something about this shade of blue makes me swoon and I love the relaxed shape (I hate to admit it but I might be leaning into low/mid-rise pants…).

I am so thrilled that Anthropologie brought these pants back! I have them in a checkered green pattern and they are possibly the most comfortable pants I have ever put on. They come in 17 other patterns and colors too!

From Caitlin: Hi, it’s me, ready to make you feel like you’re living inside a Nancy Meyers movie!!! I LOVE a flowy linen pant for summer and these are such a dream – they’re lightweight and breezy (a treat for when you want to feel cool but you don’t necessarily want your gams hanging out), the cut is great (straight down, even if you have bigger hips like me!), the price point rocks ($68 for pants that you’ll turn to all summer?), and you’ll waltz around feeling like Diane Keaton in the Hamptons. If you’re looking to try out this style without breaking the bank, highly recommend these (and the Farm Rio options below too, TBH – #4 and #7 look SO GOOD on Jess!!!).

From Jess: I have these pants in a rust/brown and am pretty devastated every time I need to wash them because that means I have to take them off:) They are cool, so comfortable, and I am very very tempted to get them in this blue. Also, the quality is so good.

Emily recently introduced all of us to this brand and it’s hard not to love. The price point is definitely on the higher side but according to Em, the quality can’t be beat. How timeless do these look?? And that raw hem gives them the perfect amount of “edge”. You’d be the coolest Nancy Meyers character on the beach:)

These are super affordable ($25!), comfortable, and come in a bunch of colors!

From Jess: Since I was hooked on my first pair of Farm Rio pants, I decided to try another style. Guess what?! I love them too. They aren’t as high-waisted if that’s what you want but they also don’t sit quite as low on me as on the model in the photo. I have them in black but look at that lime color! It’s so good!! I think I’m a Farm Rio pant gal for life.

via anthropolgie

Oh, I really like these. They are made from stretch cotton and have an elastic waistband, but they look like flared jeans. LOVE.

via j. crew

You can pair these adorable fringe pants with a slim, cropped tank and a kitten heel for a super cute summer date night outfit. Also, what a perfect vacation pant.

These are affordable, linen, high-waisted, and easy to pull on. What more could you ask for? Oh, and to top it off over 2,500 people have rated these pants FIVE STARS!

That’s all from me, your resident pants-in-the-summer advocate. Let me know your thoughts and drop your favorite comfortable pants down below. xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: My First Foray Into Renting Clothes With Rent The Runway

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