The Link Up: The Bath Robe Em Is Gifting To Her Friends, The $2 Hydrating Face Mask Arlyn Loves, And TWO Awesome New Lines That Just Dropped

Happy Sunday! Hope you loved Em’s gym reveal and are ready for another pretty wonderful one coming at you this coming week:) No other news to report just hope you having a lovely day. Let’s now get straight into these links…

This week’s house tour home of Emily Adams Bode Aujla and Aaron Aujla, photographed by the great Tyler Mitchell for The World of Interiors March issue, is romantic and playful and just puts a smile on our faces. Here is their last home feature if you want to check out their style shift!

photo by kaitlin green

From Emily: By far the cutest bathrobe I’ve ever been excited by (and now I buy it for gifts). I’ve got a real beef with bathrobes (or more so my body in a bathrobe). IN NO WORLD is a bathrobe ever flattering on me – I always feel very frumpy and bulky. I guess it’s likely the nature of the robe – a large ass piece of puffy material made to cover so many limbs with nary any structure. It’s like finding the perfectly comfortable dope sofa, I don’t think it’s a hole in the market – I think it’s the nature of the beast that a big old bathrobe can’t be “flattering”. Fine! We can accept this! So when shopping for the cold plunge reveal I decided that if it can’t be flattering it can definitely be fun and distracting in a good way. I looked all over the internet for cute patterned robes and found this black and white checkered one from Amazon and while it’s not like it’s specifically flattering, it’s so cute, fun, and oversized in a way that does in fact make me feel less bulky. And it’s $60. My whole production team loved it and I made a mental note that this is such a great bday present for anyone who likes the black/white checkered look (which I think is probably the most design-forward/trend-loving Gen Z, millennial, and Gen X ladies if I’m allowed to generalize). Anyway, it’s REALLY GOOD as you can see (sneak peek from the cold plunge post!).

The collection we didn’t know we needed! Always excited to see a Sarah Sherman Samuel x Lulu and Georgia line but an outdoor line?? We’re pumped! It’s full of effortlessly cool shapes, pretty materials, and we want it all. Below are six of our favorites but everything is great. Go check it out!

Peggy Indoor / Outdoor Sofa | Littu Indoor / Outdoor Striped Disc Pillow | Marisol Indoor / Outdoor Accent Chair

Abbot Indoor / Outdoor Dining Chair | Kibby Lantern | Levata Hammock

From Arlyn: For anyone who remembers my skin journey quandary from a few weeks ago, I’ve started using a few things (will report on anything I deem great after a few weeks or months) but they’re drying out my face big time. Add to that just general winter skin dryness and I’m flake city over here. I had forgotten that I bought these sheet masks back in December before getting on a plane and used one for the first time the other day. WOW these really are hydrating. They didn’t make me break out, which is also a huge plus for my sensitive-skin girlies out there. They come to about $2 a pop, which is super affordable compared to most masks and feel so soothing. Hmm…maybe I’ll do another one tonight. 🙂 

From: Caitlin: I grabbed this quarter-zip on a whim before my Antarctica trip and expected to return it – I’m not normally the type to splurge on athleisure or loungewear tops – but it blew my expectations out of the water! It’s WAY more flattering than I anticipated – my friends have taken to calling it my “hot girl sweatshirt” – and I love the swingy cut and structured funnel collar. There are a lot of cool little details, too, like a built-in card pocket and cozy thumb holes. I’m a 12/14 top with an F cup and the M/L fits perfectly, so keep the sizing in mind! I know that Lulu can be a little hit or miss quality-wise, but this one’s held up beautifully to weekly washes and drys – I’m really happy with it. Highly recommend!!!

So not only did we get an SSS drop this past week, but we also got a new Leanne Ford’s Crate & Barrel line! Per Leanne’s style, it’s neutral and organic but made some fun tweaks to some classic styles. Go check it out here!

Marmont Accent Chair | Kiln Pasta Bowls | Gig Leather Chesterfield Chair

Willy Whitewashed Wood Nightstand | Black and White Marble Decorative Checkered Tray | Fields Whitewash Wood and Cane Dining Arm Chair

From Mallory: Weather-proof, walkable boots are a MUST in NYC, so I recently snagged these and they check every single box. They took a day or two to break in but now they are probably my most comfortable boot!! If you’re in the market for a solid boot go for these.

From Gretchen: I am a huge fan of window film–and not just the colorful kind we did in Elliot’s room. I’ve used window film for privacy in a number of my own projects and it remains one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to add your own flair (and function) to a space. In my last place, I found this floral film for my bedroom windows, which I thought worked well in the room and played with the light beautifully. My new bedroom windows could also really use some of this privacy, but I’d like to try a different look. I have transom windows which can help with privacy, but they actually look directly into my neighbor’s living spaces and we’ve already had one too many moments of awkward eye contact. So I picked up this window film which (bonus!) looks like reeded glass! I think it’ll feel simple and clean while definitely giving me the privacy I need.

From Jess: This past week was a very special little girl’s birthday (Arlyn’s little perfect munchkin!) which meant I needed to get her something special (read: desperately wanted to). A friend of mine works for this wonderful kid’s clothing line called Post Peanut so naturally I started there and found maybe the cutest legging ever made. Enter the Cha-Cha Leggings. The quality is so good and I just hope she loves them as much as I do. Ha.

Also From Jess: In case you missed Friday’s post, it was all about awesome small statement lamps. But of course, as I was pursuing the internet, I came across so many other good ones that technically didn’t fit the “small statement” criteria but I loved. So if you are a fan of rice paper lamps, I am pretty in love with this floor lamp and this pendant. The shapes are so cool and both are also pretty darn affordable!

Thanks for a great week and see ya tomorrow with a post we know you are going to love:) xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: Introducing Our Home Gym Reveal (+ My Workout Routines & Complicated Feelings About It All)

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