The Mother’s Day Post We Needed/Wanted! Real Mom Requests To Guarantee Gifting Success:)

This Monday is all about mothers (and grandmothers and people who are like mothers to us). I know this may feel a little early, and in full disclosure, it was meant for the end of the week but we needed to do a last-minute swap (only for exciting reasons I promise:)), BUT how good would it feel to know what you wanted to do or get for your mom this year a couple weeks ahead of time? Let me tell you, GREAT. So like we did a few years ago, we wanted to get the real low down on what moms actually wanted So we hit up Instagram for some suggestions. As you will soon see it was an incredible and thorough list but with a ton of overlap (obviously). But in case you want those “GUARANTEED WINNERS” up top here you go:

  • All the quality time things (family time, dinner at home, etc.)
  • Reduce her to-do list things (Groupon + TaskRabbit or you!)
  • Time Alone (most requested!)
  • Nails, Massage, and or Facial
  • Classes and Activities (you know what she’ll like but a list of ideas is at the end)

Ok, let’s talk some more details…

All Things Quality Family Time

  • Family Time – 1 on 1 kid time with each kid: This is so sweet and nice to have maybe an hour or so long activity with each kid that mom doesn’t have to plan.
  • Dinner at home (with champagne): A dinner mom doesn’t have to plan was heavily requested and one mom wanted champagne which I will always be in favor of:)
  • Picnic: Sweet, simple, and some great quality time. If you don’t make the meal, maybe get takeout from her favorite restaurant!
  • Heartfelt Card: Another frequently requested gift. We all love reading how much our loved ones appreciate us so make sure she knows.

Groupon: Moms asked for car detailing, nails, massages, and more so Groupon is a GREAT place to find great deals on these kinds of services.
TaskRabbit: If you don’t have the time, bandwidth, or skill to help clean the house or finish a project then hiring a TaskRabbit is the way to go! Lots on moms asked for this, FYI.

All Things Time For Herself (#1 Requested Gift!)

  • A Few Hours Alone (with Kindle): Even if she can only get a few hours, make it extra sweet with a Kindle. This was asked for by some followers but we also know Emily FULLY endorses this:)
  • Day Without Kids: Mom likely could use a break so give her the whole day if you can.
  • Hotel Night with Late Checkout: So many moms wanted sleep! This would be incredible with a little room service on top. Don’t forget to request a late checkout.
  • Friend Day (Boozey High Tea was suggested): Lots of brunch with friends was requested! Be the planner so they don’t have to be.
  • Date Night with No Decisions: I loved this suggestion for partners! Make your lady feel special by planning an incredible date where all she has to do is show up.

SOOOO Many Gardening Requests This Year

  • Help in the Garden: This doesn’t cost anything AND is quality time. Spend time with your mom and maybe do the heavy lifting:)
  • Time to Buy Plants: This goes hand in hand with giving her a few hours to herself, but give her time off to go to the local nursery to pick out some new babies (bonus points if you throw in some cash or a gift card to the nursery).
  • Terrain Gift Card: A more specific request was for a gift card to the ever magical, Terrain. She’ll have to wait to get her garden goodies but we can almost guarantee she’ll love this.

1. Hori Hori Knife: A gardener’s essential tool – this one can hori hori saw, dig, cut, and more.
2. Foldable Gardening Seat: An easy-to-move garden bench makes laborious tasks far more comfortable. This one comes with tools and a removable tote bag, too.
3. Stand Up Weed Puller: Make her least-favorite task a bit more manageable. (PS. If your maternal figure loves a good manicure, she’ll be thrilled about this one.)
4. Lightweight Flexi Hose: These are SO GOOD. Winding a heavy, damp, kinked rubber tube (read: a standard hose) into an aesthetically-pleasing coil is a nightmare. This flexible, lightweight alternative takes up no space AND it can stretch up to 150 feet. It’s devastating that it took us so long to come up with this idea!
5. Garden Pruners: A good gift for gardeners or for floral arrangers alike. (What stylist isn’t carrying around a pair of pruners, ready to clip any errant branch?)
6. Deep Seat Garden Kneeler: Tried and true! Padded knee support, higher arms that can help you stand back up (essential!), it can be flipped and used as a stool, AND it folds flat for storage.

1. Antiqued Copper Birdbath: If the ornamental birdbaths of yore aren’t up their alley, surprise them with a minimalist, modern option.
2. Steel Rose Arbor: This arbor looks SO MUCH more chic than its $43 price tag. (Dare I say it’s Athena Calderone-esque?)
3. Wooden Greenhouse: Give her next seedlings a growth advantage with this bright, sweet, and study piece.
4. Arched Wood Arbor: Mark an entrance or build a special sitting place in the garden with this simple, classic, all-wood arbor. Maybe you could even build a bean arch, a la Joe Pera! (Niche, but some of you will REALLY get it.)
5. Metal Greenhouse: A sweet greenhouse with a petite, easy-to-move profile.
6. Concrete Sundial Birdbath: Pop this in a tree and save yard space for more important things, like “seating” or “loved ones.”

1. Lomi Composter: “I’m in love” and “I use it every other day, if not more” are just two of the glowing reviews we’ve published here. The Lomi’s counter-friendly size makes composting a breeze. Bowser has one and LOVES it too.
2. Mill Food Recycler: If your mom has a bit more space, try out a Mill Food Recycler. It holds up to 40 pounds (!!!) of product, so it doesn’t need to be tended daily, and – get this – you can rent one for under $50 a month. Perfect to test it out.

But maybe you also know your plants and can pick up some plants for your mom! There were also a few requests for BIG plants like trees:)

1. UrbanStems: Great flexibility here – you can prepay for a certain number of shipments (weekly, biweekly, or monthly – your choice!). If you’re the type to forget about subscriptions, this is a great choice.
2. Bouqs: Caitlin has it and LOVES IT. Blooms ship with a few buds mixed and her arrangements have lasted for weeks. (She’s on day 19 of my most recent bouquet!) They’re the best value, too.
3. Farmgirl Flowers: These are a little pricier (starting at $59 for a one-sided bouquet!) but they are VERY beautiful. If mom is really into floral design, this would be a good pick.

1. Golf Bag with Stand: This Callaway bag – complete with a stand, for those who prefer to schlep across courses – is a great, beginner-friendly option. It’s been my dad’s go-to brand for years (it is a classic after all)
2. Golf Shoes: CUTE and another Les Bunge rec (and you know the man loves shoes). If she’s walking 9 holes on the course, make sure she’s comfortable while doing it! These are cute enough to grab some drinks in afterwards, too. Thanks to my dad and this follower for asking!

1. Drunk Elephant: One follower specifically asked for this brand so it’s going on the list! This set of six travel-sized products lets her sample the best from the internet’s most viral skincare brand. But if you know she loves it, maybe grab a full-size of something.
2. Shani Darden: I will never stop singing the praises of Shani Darden. Aesticitian to the stars that also created an award-winning skincare brand. I’ve been using this brand for almost 4 years now and I still love it just as much. This starter kit would be an incredible gift.
3. Versed: For a far more affordable option, this brand has gotten so many rave reviews. Even Arlyn herself! (The gel cream and rich cream are must-tries for any lovers of a good moisturizer!)

1. At-home Sauna: When a mom requested an at-home sauna I immediately knew I had one to recommend! My dad has had this one for 4 months now and really loves it. It is a big splurge but a GOOD gift if it’s in your budget.
2. Foot Massager: Any desk job or boring, stationary task is made A MILLION times better by a heated foot massage. (Companies do a grave disservice when they shoot photographs of these in a living room. They belong under your workstation! Trust us!)

SOOOO many requests for all of these! It may not seem wildly creative but it’s NO FAIL gift that anyone would be over the moon about. Unless you know your mom isn’t a fan. Couldn’t be me:)

1. Makeup Refresh: Loved this request! A Sephora, Credo, or Ulta gift card is NEVER a bad call for the beauty guru in your life. (Bonus points: get a physical gift card, tack on a fun brunch, and turn it into a girl’s day!)
2. Nikki La Rose Brush Set: This 7-piece set is topping one reader’s wishlist (and with near-perfect 5-star reviews, it’s easy to see why!).

1. Le Labo Perfume: This was specially requested and for good reason. It’s a classic and luxurious for sure. For even more fun, head out together to smell them in person. FYI each bottle is personalizable if you order through their site or get it in-store!
2. Aesop Hand Wash: Once you’ve tried it, you get how soap (or, I’m sorry, wash) can be worth $43. Moisturizing without stripping, beautiful scents, nice lather…it’s a thoughtful upgrade of an everyday essential.

1. Reformation Dress: One thing EHD moms have in common? Reformation is topping their Mother’s Day wishlist. If she has an event coming up, why don’t you let her pick out something nice?
2. Cheery Bucket Hat: Same vein. If you have any vacations coming up, a thoughtful gift – like this sweet sunhat, to protect their noggin’ from harmful rays – will be well-appreciated. This one was a great aks.
3. Target Dress: As seen here, on all 5 of us. (It works on everyone, seriously.)

1. Waterproof Layering Necklace: A follower specifically wanted a waterproof layering necklace and I’ve got them! I can attest to this brand, Hey Harper, because I am wearing one of their necklaces now and over the past 2+ years have taken it off maybe 6 times and it still looks brand new. 10/10
2. Jane Pope Name Ring: This was a follower’s request and boy do I love it! It’s not inexpensive but what a chic way to have your kid’s name on a piece of jewelry.
3. MCM Gold Jewelry Box: If your mom has jewelry she loves and not a great place to put it get her a great jewelry box! I love this MCM version a lot because it’s so versatile (and pretty:))
4. Extra Large Jewelry Box: Another awesome and more modern option that’s big! I think it looks very cool.
5. Jewelry with Kids’ Initials or Names: So sweet and beloved by most if not all moms. You can choose to go for initials (great if they have more than one kid) or go big and spell out the full name!
6. Gold Hoops: Who doesn’t love a classic gold hoop?! We know our moms do and want a pair.

1. Agathe Bracelet: When I looked up this bracelet via a follower’s request I thought, “OOOOO yea!” It’s cool, chunky, and so so chic.
2. Mariko Bracelet: Another follower asked for dainty gold bracelets and I just think this little layered number is perfect.
3. Charm Bracelet: Moms want charm bracelets from Clare V and it’s clear why. They are fun and cool and personal. Win-win-win.

1. Coach Bag: Coach is back in a big way and the moms are in the know! This one is very cool but I’m sure any one of them will do. Ha.
2. Messenger Bag: A Clare V bag was very popular on this call out (which I completely get) so this bag is beautiful, is larger than the Grande Fanny, and Arlyn just got one and loves it so much!
3. Dragon Diffusion Bag: I might be living under a rock but I hadn’t heard of this brand, but the bags are beautiful and the moms want one!
4. Fanny Pack: Obviously, I had to include the Grande Fanny because it’s also soooo good. Emily has one, I have one, and many of my friends have one. It curves so nicely to your body and all of them will instantly make an outfit more exciting.
5. Leather Wallet: A nice leather wallet feels so nice to have, right?! So if you see that your mom could use an upgrade we love this one from Madewell.
6. Bucket Tote: This bucket tote is super chic, modern, and can hold a good amount of loot.

1. New Balance Sneakers: The moms want New Balances and we can’t recommend these ones enough. Every time I see Emily in them I want them bad. But one mom mentioned she wanted to match her New Balances with her kids which I thought was so sweet:) Another idea!
2. Red Flats: We got requests for comfortable flats, flats for wide feet, red flats, and Rothy’s flats. So when I realized that these Rothy’s Mary Janes checked off every box I clearly had to include them. I’ve never been much of a Rothy’s gal myself but I’ve been seeing these on social media and I think they are SO cute.
3. Bryr Clog: A follower rec I am both happy and sad to know about because how cute are these?! They carry a bunch of styles but clogs were specifically requested.
Honorable Mention: Birkenstock Sandals – A few requests for these all-stars and this is Em’s favorite style!

1. Silk Pillowcase + Mask Set: This is such a great and affordable silk sleep set! It has everything your mom could want to keep her hair and face very happy while she sleeps.
2. Cozy PJs (Top + Bottom): These are Emily’s FAVORITE and most comfortable pajamas and they are affordable! A new set of PJs for your mom would be such a thoughtful and cozy gift. To see others Em reviewed. Head here!

1. Robe: Robes are another great gift if your mom needs one or could use a new one. Emily found this one for a shoot and has vowed to buy it as a gift for all of her friends. If that isn’t convincing, I don’t know what is.
2. Slippers: Caitlin and Emily have been raving about these for years because they are simply the most comfortable. These won’t be a miss, we promise!

1. Family Photo Shoot: Emily is lucky in that she tends to have a few family photoshoots a year but for most moms that isn’t the case. But your mom loves you and wants to show off her beautiful family! Setting up a family photo shoot would mean the world to her (I know this because a lot of moms said so).
2. Mom and Kid(s) Family Photo Album or Book: OK, maybe you have the photos but they aren’t in one, physical place. A lot of moms also asked for photo books! These can be done online (we linked our favorite place) or you can print out photos and make an old-school one:)

1. Baggu Pop Up Tent: I didn’t know Baggu made these cute pop up tents until a mom requested it! There aren’t many cute ones on the market so these are a treat for those picnics and beach days.
2. Charleston Water Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Throw: Another “new to me” product that appears to be the ideal outdoor blanket. Perfect for a mom who loves being cozy outside.
3. Cute Hammock: If your mom wants a hammock then this is SUCH a cute and good one. Emily agrees with that too (has there ever been a more “Emily Henderson” hammock print?? :))

1. Ember Travel Mug: The only thing better than an Ember mug? An Ember Mug you can take with you. (Read Em’s original review here – it’s the best heated mug on the market.)
2. Tiled Anthro Mug: This is, by far, the most luxe-looking “mom”-branded apparel on the market. (They also have one for “Dad” and “Mum,” in case you’re looking to gift a set.)
3. Miir Travel Mug: This brand was new to us but also requested! Love the simple, modern lines and it comes in a bunch of other styles and colors.

1. Rocketbook Planner: By reader request – the only planner she’ll need for the rest of her life. This Rocketbook instantly sends scans of your writing to the platform of your choice, so she’ll always know what’s going on.
2. Brass Bullet Pen: A good pen really is so enjoyable, don’t you think? Well, that’s what a couple of moms said. This one gets rave reviews from left-handers and right-handers alike.

1. Staub Dutch Oven: Full disclosure – these are both reader requests. If you’re a Staub household, this would be a great option.
2. Le Creuset Dutch Oven: And if you’re a Le Creuset household….you know what to do. (PS. If you’re lucky enough to live by a Le Creuset outlet, the savings are worth the trek. Oh, and stock up on these wine sleeves while you’re there – they’re useful and they make great gifts.)

1. KitchenAid Mixer: If your maternal figure loves to cook or bake and doesn’t have a KitchenAid, there’s a high chance that she’s waiting for someone to get her one!
2. Ice Cream Maker: I mean…we all love a sweet treat, right? And it’s even better when you can make one at home, custom-suited to your tastes and dietary preferences. Mom requested!
3. Ooni Pizza Oven: This was a reader request, and it’s a good one. Have you ever used one of these? THEY’RE A BLAST. If your mom loves to cook or host, this will bring so much joy (and pizza) to your home.
4. Breville Cold-Press Juicer: This isn’t any old juicer – this is the high-end, fancy espresso-machine version of a juicer. Extraordinarily powerful, easy to use, and a breeze to clean. It’s a little splurgy, but she’ll use it for the rest of her life.

1. Design Commune: If she loves California style, you can’t go wrong with this one – the spaces feature beautiful woods, layered textiles, and that little je ne sais quoi for which Commune is famed.
2. The Interior Design Handbook: A must-own for any design lover – it seemingly contains an answer to every decorating, furnishing, and styling conundrum in only 240 pages. (And at $17, the price is right!)
3. Every Room Should Sing: Beata’s style is so fresh and vibrant – there’s something for every maternal figure to enjoy in here.

Home Decor, DUH:)

photo by kaitlin green | from: farmhouse living room reveal

As one would expect from followers of a designer, lots of home decor was requested. Some were specific like a Noguchi lamp or a vintage store box, while others just said “art” or “gift card to my favorite small shop”. I would recommend for art to look at Uprise Art, Tappan, Saatchi Art, Etsy, and Chairish. For other smalls (and more), we also love shops like Jayson Home. But of course, if you can support a local shop that your mom loves do that!

1. Water Rower: Caitlin has a water rower! There’s nothing better than a seated cardio workout that hits every muscle. The relaxing sound it makes doesn’t hurt, either. (PS. Here’s an option under $500!)
2. Peleton Bike: Your mom! She wants to take classes with Cody! She told us! (This was actually a reader recommendation, FYI.)
3. Oura Ring: All of the data, none of the bulk. Tracks steps, sleep, temperature, and WAY more with this simple, easy-to-wear band. (PS. It comes in a variety of finishes, including gold, rose gold, titanium, silver, and more.)

1. Carry-On Suitcase: You know what isn’t fun? Researching “high-quality suitcases” when you could be doing literally anything else. This one gets top marks, holds a week’s worth of travel essentials, and it’s PRETTY to boot!
2. Car Organizer: A must-have for any of the on-the-go types out there – the handles on the edge make this one easy to bring inside for any unloading, too. The actual request was a “cute care organizer” and I think this one wins!

Classes and Activites

As promised here are some ideas for classes or activities if you know your mom would prefer it! These all came from the moms:)

  • Sewing Class
  • Rock Climbing Class
  • Whale Watching
  • Ballet Tickets
  • Movie Tickets

That was A LOT but we truly hope that you got an idea or found something perfect for your mom or maternal figure. Parents deserve all the love they can get so even if it’s just a nice long phone call, make sure they feel loved. Actually, GO CALL YOUR MOM NOW (if you are lucky enough to be able to. I know I wish I could<3>

Also A HUGE thanks to Miss Caitlin Higgins for being my co-writer on this post!!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: Soake Pool Reveal

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